Hi, 👋 I’m Sarah Norden (that is, my pen name), aka SazNoz or SarahbrateGoodTimes and I am an 18-year-old from the UK. 🇬🇧

Welcome to my blog – feel free to have a browse! I blog about some of my hobbies/passions, such as travel, languages (namely German, my favourite!), books and spirituality.
If you have any ideas for any future posts for me to do, feel free to comment!

Hope you enjoy, and please subscribe if you like what you see, either by email or with a WordPress account – you can find this on the sidebar or at the bottom of this page, depending on the device you’re using!

I’ll look forward to seeing you on this platform!

Sarah ☺️ xxx

P.S.: I’ve also recently started a YouTube channel called Sarah im Augenblick (German for Sarah Right Now, although most of it is in English!) – feel free to check it out here!



Note: All photographs featured in this blog, unless otherwise stated, are my own photographs, and thus may not be reproduced or used without my consent.

©️ SarahbrateGoodTimes

Disclaimer: All the information written in blog posts is correct as of the time at which it was published. I cannot take any responsibility for facts/information which may have changed since then, although please let me know if you spot anything and I will amend it.

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