75 (fünfundsiebzig) kick-ass German words/phrases 🇩🇪 | Post 1: Fancy Verbs 💁

Hallo! 👋

Just in case you didn’t already know, a lot of us who are in education are sitting exams at the moment, myself included! I just thought, as my next exam is German, I’d share with y’all a few kick-ass German words/phrases to use either in exams or in German everyday conversation – which do really sound quite impressive (because I’m a nice person, or at least I try my very best to be! 😊).

This time I thought I’d tell you about some fancy verbs to use, but my hope is to do a whole entire series of kick-ass German words/phrases to use, telling you 75 of whatever it is I’m doing each time! Ich freue mich sehr darauf! 😄 (I am very excited about it!)

I know that 75 can seem a little overwhelming at first, but when you really apply yourself to learning a language, you’ll reap the benefits of it almost instantaneously, it’s such a good feeling – I speak from experience!

Little disclaimer to start off with (boring, I know, but this needs to be done and dusted): these phrases are probably best to start using when you’ve got a good basic grasp of German. As most of these phrases use verbs, etc. in their infinitive form, I wouldn’t recommend trying to use these if you’re not too confident with the language yet – these are perhaps best for German speakers/learners at intermediate level and above. Believe me, when I was younger I was a little bit too overambitious with using fancy phrases in foreign languages, and it didn’t always go to plan!! 😂 I can laugh about it now, but it was a little embarrassing at the time, to say the least! 😳

If you’re a beginner with German, or you’d like to start learning this truly amazing language, let me know and I’ll see if I can do some German posts for those learning from beginners’ level in the near future – it’s definitely something I’d love to do if you guys would like it! ❤️🇩🇪

Anyways, let’s get stuck in with these kick-ass verbs then, shall we?!

(yet another disclaimer: obviously check the appropriate context in which to use each of them in a dictionary first, before actually using them!)

  1. als [insert adjective] ansehen – to regard as
  2. analysieren – to analyse
  3. anbieten – to offer
  4. annehmen – to accept
  5. (etwas) ansprechen – to appeal (to something)
  6. argumentieren – to argue
  7. aufklären – to explain
  8. ausbeuten – to exploit, use
  9. ausdrücken – to express
  10. ausnutzen – to take advantage of
  11. ausschließen – to exclude
  12. beeinflussen – to influence
  13. behaupten – to maintain
  14. berichten – to report
  15. berühren – to touch on
  16. beschreiben – to describe
  17. betonen – to emphasise
  18. bewerten – to evaluate
  19. darstellen – to portray
  20. diskutieren – to discuss
  21. durchfallen – to flop, fall through
  22. einrichten – to found
  23. entwickeln – to develop
  24. erfassen – to some (something) up
  25. erhöhen – to increase
  26. erklären – to explain
  27. erledigen – to deal with (a problem)
  28. erleichtern – to facilitate
  29. erwähnen – to mention
  30. feststellen – to establish
  31. fördern – to support, promote
  32. genehmigen – to approve
  33. herausfinden – to find out
  34. hinterherhinken – to lag behind
  35. hochspielen – to exaggerate
  36. ignorieren – to ignore
  37. investieren – to invest
  38. kritisieren – to criticise
  39. leugnen – to deny
  40. missbrauchen – to abuse
  41. motivieren – to motivate
  42. für [insert noun] plädieren – to make a plea (for something)
  43. rechtfertigen – to justify
  44. retten – to rescue, save
  45. riskieren – to risk
  46. schonen – to treat, conserve
  47. spenden – to donate (“false friend” alert! ⚠️)
  48. (etwas) thematisieren – to take (something) as a central theme
  49. überreden – to persuade
  50. überschätzen – to overestimate
  51. überzeugen – to convince
  52. unterschätzen – to underestimate
  53. unterstützen – to support
  54. untersuchen – to investigate
  55. veranlassen – to determine, decide
  56. verbessern – to improve
  57. verbieten – to ban, forbid
  58. verbreiten – to spread, disseminate
  59. verführen – to tempt
  60. vergleichern – to compare
  61. verharmlosen – to make something appear harmless
  62. vermeiden – to avoid
  63. vermitteln – to convey
  64. vernachlässigen – to neglect
  65. veröffentlichen – to publish
  66. verringern – to reduce
  67. verschlechtern – to exacerbate
  68. verteidigen – to defend
  69. verzichten – to do (without)
  70. voraussehen – to predict
  71. widerlegen – to disprove
  72. ziehen – to draw ( e.g. a conclusion)
  73. zitieren – to quote
  74. zugeben – to concede
  75. zusammenschließen – to join together

Now, I hope that at least some of you have found this useful! Let me know what you thought of it, and if you like this kind of post – I know it’s a little different to posts on German which I’ve done in the past!

Are there any essential ones I’ve missed which you think should be there? If so, please leave a comment!

As I say, I’d like to do a whole series on this, so if all goes to plan, my next instalment of this will come on Tuesday – I think it’ll feature some kick-ass German phrases to use this time, but I hope you enjoyed these kick-ass verbs! 😜

Bis Dienstag, (until Tuesday)

Sarah 😘 xx


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