My Top 10 Favourite German Pop Songs/Artists 🇩🇪🎤

Guten Abend!

In my 6 years of learning German I have also come across a fair amount of German culture along the way. Immersing yourself in the culture of a foreign language really is a great way of getting to know even more of it, in a fun way which can’t quite be achieved just by using traditional listening/reading methods. This immersion for me has been in the form of German films, books, YouTubers and pop music.

So, this week I thought I’d tell you about some of my favourite songs and the artists by whom they are written/performed. Hopefully this will be both fun and educational, as well as helpful (hilfreich) for any of you who want to learn some German! 😄


So, here’s a list of my favourite German songs/artists…

(1) 99 Luftballons by Nena

This is arguably the most well-known German song in the non-German speaking world (at least, the most well-known German pop song). Its instrumentation is amazing, as are the lyrics (which you can find in this article here). What I didn’t realise though, until I read up more about this song, is that 99 Luftballons (or the loosely-translated song in English, 99 Red Balloons) is also in fact of high political significance. It was actually written in the early 1980s (before the German reunification) as a protest against the use of nuclear weapons, and the adverse impact that they were having on the local environment and West Germany’s relationship with the former Eastern bloc. The music video, which you can find here portrays this widespread desperation to end nuclear weapon usage during the cold war really well. 99 Luftballons is definitely a classic, and rightly so!


(2) Atemlos Durch Die Nacht by Helene Fischer

This, I’d say, is another classic German pop song, and is also well-deserved! It’s a song with a great feel-good factor which you can really dance to, and it’s also quite easy to understand, even with just a little knowledge of German. Helene Fischer is one of my favourite German singers, and her songs are consistently good (I don’t know about you, but with a lot of English-speaking artists, there’s the odd song on an album which I like, but most of them don’t especially appeal to me), and are all worth listening to several times. To be honest, Atemlos durch die Nacht is an amazing song to listen to, even if you don’t understand a word of German! 😜 Find the music video to it on YouTube here…


(3) Die Immer Lacht by Stereoact feat. Kerstin Ott

This is another song with a great accompaniment, which really compliments its lyrics also! Again, it’s also quite easy to understand, and is fairly repetitive, so you can build up your understanding of the lyrics, even just by listing to the song once! It’s also pretty up-beat with a definite feel-good factor about it! I just love it, and it’s an ideal song to listen to, to get into the “German mood” or simply when you wake up in the morning and want to get pumped for the day! 💪 Find the video to it here…


(4) Hulapalu by Andreas Gabalier

Again, another energetic song (do you sense a theme here?!) which you can really move to! I must say, I haven’t really explored this artists beyond Hulapalu yet, although it’s definitely on my agenda! It’s also the kind of song which once it’s in your head, it will stay playing over and over again for along time! Soz! Link to it’s here…


(5) Ich & Du by Gestört aber GeiL feat. Sebastian Hämer 

This is quite an easy-listening song, but again is very memorable, so is great for learning small German phrases to perhaps recycle for your own use! 😉 Another lovely instrumental accompaniment, which is also rather varied with several layers of music accompanying the voice. Find it here…


(6) Wir Sind groß by Mark Forster

I must say, I do have quite a soft spot for Mark Forster – he was one of the first ever German music artists who I discovered and he frequently appears in the German and German-speaking music charts with his consistently high-quality songs. His whole album TAPE is just so good and it;s definitely one which I’ll remember for some time yet, as I even saw an advert for it in Koblenz when I was on work experience there last summer (if you’d like to read more about my trip there, feel free to read my blog post about it here)! Also, find the YouTube link to the music video to Wir Sind Groß here…


(7) Ich Will Nur, Dass Du Weißt by SDP feat. Adel Tawil

This is such a lovely song to listen to, and it has a deep meaning to it as well. Again, it’s by an artist whom I don’t really know much about, but I look forward to listening to more of their music in the future! Find it here…


(8) Warum Hast Du Nicht Nein Gesagt? by Roland Kaiser feat. Maine Kelly

I’d say this is quite a comical song but I’ll leave you all to decide that for yourselves… 😜 Again, another high-energy piece! What I love most about it, though, is that the music video is set in Berlin, which brings back amazing memories of the recent holiday I took there! This song and others prove that Berlin is definitely the place to be! ❤️ Here’s the link to its YouTube music video…


(9) Herz über Kopf by JORIS

Quite an emotional and deep piece about whether or not you should listen to your mind or your soul when it comes to love. Again, I love the instrumental accompaniment also and it has quite a country music sort- of vibe to it. Moreover, the lyrics are quite clearly sung in Herz über Kopf, so they’re easy to pick up. Listen to/watch it here…


(10) Moment by Glasperlenspiel

Now, Glasperlenspiel is without a doubt my favourite artist right now (yes, I like them more than any other artist, including English-speaking ones currently)! I just love how their music is so upbeat and energetic, but still manages to convey all the meaning which good songs should. It was really hard for me to choose which song by Glasperlenspiel I should put as my favourite as they’re just all so good! I could literally listen to their albums, Grenzenlos in Diesem Moment and Tag X all day, as I love every single song so much! Check out Moment here and a YouTube playlist of some of their songs here.


I’ve probably missed out a lot of amazing German songs from this list, but these are just my personal favourites which I’ve discovered so far! If you’re German or are into German music, feel free to comment below any names of German songs which you think I should check out! ☺️🎶


Foreign music is awesome, end of…

Just to further try and persuade you (in case you’re not convinced already that this is a good idea), listening to music in a foreign language, at least for me, can be so inspiring, as I can actually see the language being applied, and not just in artificial situations such as a listening extract from a past paper! It has also been scientifically proven that listening to something set to a tune can help you to remember said phrase. This is particularly useful when it’s an idiomatic/euphemistic phrase in the language which cannot easily be remembered or directly translated. Furthermore, listening to a foreign language in any form, be it music (the most fun way), on the radio or in a video, can really help to strengthen your accent and intonation. I’ve been listening to Glasperlenspiel a lot recently, purely out of pleasure, and I really think that all of this exposure to German in this way has helped my accent immensely, especially in preparation for my A2 German Speaking Exam which I actually sat last week – I think it actually went quite well! 😅

Zum Schluss (in conclusion), I hope you enjoyed reading this blog (in the form of yet another list!) and that you yourselves feel inspired to listen to some foreign music – perhaps even to some of the artists whom I’ve mentioned in this post!

Due to the fact that I’ve got a lot of exams (If you’d like to see a post on this, click here) coming up, which are pretty important for my future, I’ll only be doing a post once a week, every Friday or Saturday, until I have finished all my exams after the end of June. Therefore, I will not be uploading every Tuesday and Friday as usual, only on a Friday (or Saturday, maybe). Please stick around though, as I hopefully will still be posting some interesting content!

See you on Friday, then!

Sarah xx


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