My Top 7 (relatively) Small YouTubers Who I’m Really Loving Right Now 📽😍 #LittleButLoved

Hey there,

After watching YouTube on a regular basis for at least 3 years now, I’ve come across some AMAZING YouTubers whose videos inspire me and that I can really relate to! Here they all are, in no particular order of course (they’re all relatively small, as many are quite new, and they all have less than 32,000 subscribers as of when I posted this)! They are all so talented at what they do and they all deserve to have waaaaaay more subscribers, so if you like the sound of any of them, be sure to subscribe to their YouTuber channel (I’ve linked them all in their titles)! They all have pretty awesome Instagrams too, so be sure to follow those as well!


So, without any further ado, here are 7 of my favourite small YouTubers…


Polina (aka Polabur) is a Russian YouTuber from Moscow, but she is currently living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She mainly does Instagram (which she’s really big on and it is so, so exceptionally pretty by the way), but she also uploads occasional video onto YouTube too. She travels the world pretty much for a living (which sounds like the coolest job ever, doesn’t it?) and along the way she inspires other people to travel too, by uploading perfect pictures to Instagram. I love watching her vlogs because her accent is so cool (I guess I have a thing with Russian accents?!)!


Théo Evans (aka TheLetterFifteen) is an American YouTuber who makes really short and sweet, entertaining videos on loads of different random topics! His videos always leave me feeling contemplative and I love how all of his videos, despite their short lengths, can be so thought-provoking. If I really want to watch a 2-minute YouTuber video before quickly resuming what I should be doing, then I’d likely watch one of his videos!

The Financial Diet

This is quite an adult channel on very grown-up topics. Finance, to be specific. However, as I am now 18 I am therefore technically an adult, so I should at least try to be a good adult, right? And being a good adult includes having all your finances together, so this is a great channel to get started on this! 👍 Some people say that I’m quite mature for my age, so idk maybe that’s why I like this channel??

Through watching their videos I can be confident that in the future I will save a lot of money by considering all the advice they have to offer!

Emma Popcorn

Emma Popcorn is a British YouTuber who makes awesome and really professional videos on a range of topics, from fangirling, to baking, to spoken word, to open and honest heart-to-heart videos! I love her videos because they’re always made with such care and enthusiasm, and this is really reflected in each and every one of them. She also just happens to be best friends with one of my closest friends, and I have discovered her channel through this mutual friend we have! This means that I sometimes see some very familiar faces featuring on her channel! 😉

Emily Bland

Emily Bland is a British expat YouTuber living in Berlin, Germany, and she makes loads of really useful advice videos on living in Germany. It’s videos like this which absolutely fascinate and inspire me, so much so that I’m considering actually living there maybe one day!  🇩🇪 Her videos on topics such as German cultural differences from the UK are so entertaining as well as informative, so whenever I’m missing being in Germany I just watch her videos and it helps to satisfy my longing for German (yes, I do really LOVE German)!!


Andrew (aka rewboss) is another Brit living in Germany and I actually discovered his channel when YouTube suggested that I watched one of his videos on how close German was to becoming the official language of the USA when the country was first established (like, woooooah!!!)! I love all his videos on German culture, places and politics and again, they very much satisfy my hunger for Germanness!


I literally only discovered Cheryl (aka NonStopParis) about a week ago but I absolutely LOVE all of her videos and she’s such a great person to watch when you’re feeling a little down because she’s always so positive about life! Cheryl is a British expat living in Paris, so she documents much of her life and experiences as one – I can really relate to these videos, as I did work experience in Germany last summer (link to my post on this is here) and even though it was only for a week, I still had much of the same experiences as she has on a regular basis! I love her tips on being an expat, and I take all of these on board, as although they’re obviously on quite grown-up issues, I am seriously considering moving to Germany after I’ve finished university (so maybe in the next 5 or so years), as I’ve said before, so tips from someone like Cheryl who I can understand so well are really useful when considering my future possibilities! She’s also really into minimalism – she’s inspired me to really have a good clear-out of my bedroom this summer!

NonStopParis is the most relatable channel for me I’ve found to date – it’s helped me out SO much already! I’ve watched all of Cheryl’s videos now (I basically spent the entirety of my revision breaks watching them all of last week) and I can honestly say that she is now my absolute favourite YouTuber: she is both inspirational and entertaining, and I’m sure I’ll be watching her videos for years to come!


So there you have it, some of my favourite small YouTubers! Don’t forget to take a good look at their channels and subscribe if you like them (which I guarantee you will)! There are loads of other YouTubers who I wanted to include but I didn’t want to make this post too long, and most of them are slightly “bigger” YouTubers who have more than 32,000 subscribers.

See you on Friday for a post all about my trip to Berlin – it’s going to be a long one, as I did so much in during the 48 hours in which I was there! 🇩🇪 (but hopefully you’ll still enjoy it)

Sarah xx


One thought on “My Top 7 (relatively) Small YouTubers Who I’m Really Loving Right Now 📽😍 #LittleButLoved

  1. I really really like Kylie Flavell, Collective Iris, Brad & Hailey Devine, ellendz, Ollie Ritchie, and Lavendaire! The majority of them are more film based Youtubers but I think you might like them!

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