It’s The End of Lent – HE IS RISEN! 🎉✝️ | Easter Sunday 2017

Hi there!

A very happy Easter to you all – HE IS RISEN, HALLELUJAH!! 🙏 🙌

And of course, what would Easter be without the risen Lord, Jesus Christ, the One who gave life to us all, despite all our major imperfections!? It would only be right to take a closer look into the Easter Story: how Jesus went from life to death (my last post) and then back to life, AGAIN!


Bible bit

Again, all four Gospels document this glorious event, and rightly so! Let’s take a closer look…

  • Matthew 28:1-8 (Jesus Has Risen) – This tells of how the two Marys went to the tomb, but just at that moment a large earthquake came, an angel of the Lord came down from Heaven and the stone was rolled away. This caused much fright amongst both the women and the guards.  The angel then proclaimed that Jesus had indeed risen, and they were told to go to Galilee to find Him. The women then went to Galilee and worshipped Jesus. They were then told by Him to spread this most wonderful news!
  • Mark 16 – This gives an account of Jesus’ resurrection in more detail: how the women came even before sunrise to anoint Jesus’ body with spices, but then found that the stone had been rolled away. They then find the man dressed in white inside the tomb, instructing them to go and see the risen Christ in Galilee. It then goes on to discuss how Jesus visited different people in different forms. Jesus then rebukes his disciples for not staying loyal to Him until the end but, despite this, tells them to go out and preach the good news of His resurrection. It also discusses very clearly that all those who believe in Him will be saved, but the same fate does not go to those who don’t. Jesus then ascended into Heaven to join God the Father, whilst the disciples carried on preaching.
  • Luke 24: 1-12 – This shows much in the same way how the women went to the empty tomb and were told by the Angel of the Lord to go to Galilee, whilst recounting what Jesus said in Galilee: that He had to die in this way in order to save humanity from death. However, it also says that the disciples (the eleven) did not believe the women when they told them what had happened, but Peter (one of the disciples) went away to investigate and ponder about these events himself.
  • John 20:1-18 – This also tells of the finding of the empty tomb in a similar way, but emphasises Mary Magdalene’s concern that she didn’t know where the body of Jesus had gone to. The disciples also looked at the tomb, Peter first, and also emphasises that they didn’t understand what Jesus meant by the fact that he would die then live again. Mary Magdalene’s emotions in the whole of this story are particularly taken notice of here, as John says in his version of the story that she even starts crying, but is comforted by Jesus himself, who then revealed to her who he was. Mary Magdalene then goes and tells the disciples this good news.

Read the rest of Matthew 28, Luke 24 and John 20 to find out what happens to Jesus next: in Matthew it discusses the Guards’ Report and the Great Commission; in Luke it talks about the Road to Emmaus and Jesus Appearing to His Disciples as well as the Ascension of Jesus in more detail; and in John it shows how Jesus Appeared to His Disciples and Thomas (in further detail), as well as what the Purpose of Writing John’s Gospel was.

I find it so interesting, how this same story is recalled by these four people in different ways, but that it’s really the same story. The fact all of these books essentially tell the same story, but were written by people independent of each other, furthermore demonstrates how authentic and real the Bible really is: that the stories in the Gospels did actually happen, and they weren’t just dreamed up by one person – Jesus really did live, die and live again!


If there’s one Bible verse which sums up the whole of the events of Easter, it is this, which is most definitely worth remembering:

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. – John 3:16


Songs for praising

When I think of the joy that Easter Sunday, two particular songs which we sing at my church come to mind. They are both quite old-school, but for me it reenforces the fact that Christianity has been going for hundreds of years, 2017 years to be precise, ever since Jesus was born, and this is the kind of music which early Christians would have used to worship God. The first is a very rousing hymn entitled Jesus Christ is Risen Today, and the second is an anthem which we sometimes sing in the Church choir: O Sons and Daughters (this isn’t the exact version that we sing but it was the closest I could find to it on YouTube). I’ve linked both of the song titles to YouTube videos of them, so check them out if you’d like some musical inspiration for worship! 🎵


Although I’m not going to be completely vegan anymore now that Lent is over, I’m going to try and drastically cut my dairy intake, because, to be honest, I prefer milk substitutes more than cow’s milk, as they are so much more flavoursome! I also think it’ll be better for my health to be as vegan as possible… ❤️


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Thanks for all your support so far, my blog has had over 100 views this month, a record for me, which may not seem like a lot, but it is to me, so thank you all! 😘

I’ve decided from now on to post twice a week: every Tuesday and Friday. I’ve got lots of posts planned, so hopefully my blog will stay as a source of inspiration and entertainment for my followers!

I wish you blessed and restful Easter, whether you actually celebrate it or not.

See you on Tuesday,

Sarah xx


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