My visit to Geneva, Switzerland 🇨🇭 – January 2016

Hi everyone!

Just over a year ago I visited Geneva (aka Genève 🇫🇷/Genf🇩🇪) on a school trip! It was really a physics trip, but we did so much more that just visit CERN – we visited museums, went shopping and did loads of other touristy stuff too ☺️

Geneva is a really cool metropolitan city located very near France in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. It’s just next to the Alps and they looked so beautiful when we were flying over them (fun fact: remember my last post, 50 Random Facts About Me! ? that was my first ever flight)! The whole city was lovely – even the airport!

View of the beautiful Alps from the plane

What really fascinated me about Geneva was how pleasant and tranquil it seemed to be, despite the business of the city – the fact that it is one of Switzerland’s biggest. I also love how, because of its location, the city is the centre for so much: as well as CERN, it is home to the United Nations building and the International HQ for the Red Cross and Red Crescent organisations – extremely important NGOs for humanitarian peace. The museum of the International Committee of the Red Cross is so powerful and moving, and really worth a visit if you ever find yourself in Geneva – I heard some really compelling stories from people who have been helped by the Red Cross and it’s an important reminder of the humanitarian crises that so many people in the world still face – even today.

Beautiful view of the Alps from the International Committee of the Red Cross
The UN Headquarters in Geneva

One thing that is really special about Geneva is the massive lake which is encompassed in the middle of it – Lake Geneva (or Lac Léman, in French). It is absolutely massive and even forms part of the border of Switzerland. It looks absolutely stunning with the Alps in the background, and to be honest, I just couldn’t stop taking photos of it!

Lake Geneva

Another thing in Geneva which is really worth a visit is its beautiful old town – the architecture of it is so pretty, and it really brings a contrast to the more modern buildings on the other side of the city. The cute churches and restaurants really made it for me! It’s also where all the shops are!

So, if you ever have the opportunity to visit Geneva – definitely seize it! It’s well worth a visit, and I guarantee that you’ll learn so much about Switzerland’s and the world’s heritage, as well as about yourself! I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you have ever been to Switzerland and what you thought of your visit – what was your favourite thing that you did? What’s it like compared with the rest of Switzerland?

Sarah xx


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