50 Random Facts About Me!

Hi guys,

I’ve noticed that I’m not just getting people reading my blog in the UK, but also in the US as well! This has brought things to a whole new level for me, so thanks you for all your support, no matter where you live!

As you still don’t know me very well, I thought I’d share with you 50 more facts about me, so that you can get to know me even more! I know this is a little cheesy, but it’s undoubtedly a good way to say a lot in one post, so here it goes…

  1. I have two different size feet – one’s a 2 and the other’s a 4 (and yes, shoe shopping is a challenge)!
  2. I have been to 5 countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland and the USA
  3. I love making lists (bet you never guessed!)
  4. I love cats, I love every kind of cat ❤️
  5. I love travelling
  6. My only fear is germs
  7. The first time I ever travelled on a plane was when I was 17 (pretty impressive, huh?!)
  8. I used to hate reading books, and now I love them! Last year I read 26 books, but this year I’m aiming to read 50… wish me luck!
  9. I am part of the elite 3% of the world’s population who have green eyes!
  10. I am a vegetarian, and have been since the beginning of 2016
  11. I have a beautiful cat called Ochre (be sure to follow him on Insta – @ochrethecat)
  12. I love YouTube! My favourite YouTubers currently are Grace Helbig (I met her last February ayy!), Will Darbyshire and Lucy Moon
  13. I am an only child
  14. I have been to 5 schools
  15. I’ve been singing for almost 7 years
  16. I love hiking in the countryside – let me know if you’d like a post on that!
  17. I love trains – they’re my favourite mode of transport
  18. My favourite colour is green
  19. My favourite film of all time is The Sound of Music
  20. I have never smoked, don’t smoke and probably never will
  21. I like tomatoes, but I don’t like tomato ketchup
  22. My favourite number is 8
  23. My favourite letter is S
  24. My favourite word is snuff
  25. I am always jealous of people who get effortlessly good grades at school… just how?! I wanna know plz
  26. If I could have one superpower, it would be to travel back in time.
  27. My favourite fruit is raspberries
  28. My favourite vegetable is avocado (or is it a fruit…? Anyway it’s savoury and you wouldn’t put it in a fruit salad lol)
  29. I was born with black hair and now it’s brown (and blonde too nice I dyed it)!
  30. I like most genres of music, although I particularly like Alternative, Worship music and Jazz.
  31. I can’t stand seeing people being left out, so I like to try my best to include everyone in social situations – I think it’s because I’ve been in that position myself a few times…
  32. I’ve had 3 operations
  33. I am very organised
  34. My favourite chocolate filling is hazelnut, and Nutella is probably the only reason why I never lose weight… oops!
  35. Brighton is my all-time favourite city – if I don’t end up living in London, I’d LOVE to live there!

    Brighton Palace Pier
  36. I love going to the beach (especially Brighton Beach)
  37. I’ve lived in Nottingham for 7 years but I want to live in the south again when I leave home
  38. I love photography – I’m quite proud of my Instagram tbh!
  39. My absolute dream is to visit every country in the world ✈️
  40. I prefer German chocolate to British chocolate
  41. I only like ready salted flavour crisps
  42. I am a liberal Christian, so I fully believe that things like homosexuality should be accepted in society
  43. I love playing Scrabble – I try to play it as often as I can with my mum, as she loves it too!
  44. I love languages – as well as studying German at school, I am currently learning French, Spanish and Swedish on Duolingo (feel free to add me – @SazNoz as always)
  45. I hate Microsoft
  46. I pay attention to to the “L” and the “R” in my headphones. Always.
  47. I always get fascinated by crime and terrorist attacks for some reason… don’t know why…
  48. I was born in 1998
  49. I love aesthetics
  50. Reading something with bad spelling and grammar really annoys me

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for sticking to it, and congratulations!

Okay, so this is probably THE most self-centred post ever, so I’m gonna go now, hope you enjoyed it anyway. If you’d like to do this tag, feel free to and tell me about it so I can read it too!

Thanks for reading,

Sarah xxx


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